South Surrey Fitness Classes for Women

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All classes are currently being held at our studio location in South Surrey and live streamed on Zoom.


This moderate- to high-intensity workout is full-body focused including cardio exercises, strength exercises, core work, and ample stretching. It is suitable for all fitness levels, as modifications and alternatives are always provided, including low/no impact options.


These classes are slower paced, but you will be encouraged to lift heavier weights. This moderate intensity workout focuses on the entire body and reinforces the proper guidelines and techniques of strength training, and the development of muscular strength and endurance.


This full body circuit style class will train your entire body from head, to heart, to toe. Using interval training in timed sets you'll be able to participate at the intensity that is right for you. This class will ensure consistent rise and fall of your heart rate, maximizing calorie burn while building muscle.

Move it, Shake it, Lift it!

Move it, Shake it, Lift It! is a high- energy, interval training workout that builds lean muscle and increases your metabolism using a fusion of dance, cardio, weight training, and resistance bands. This is a fun, upbeat, fast-paced but easy to follow workout that will get your heart pumping and the energy flowing! Appropriate for all levels!


A full body focused class to help build muscle and create definition. This class consists of moderate to high impact exercises and strength exercises, but can be modified for any fitness level. It includes a dynamic warm up, variety of exercises targeting the upper body, lower body, and core, and static stretching


Rock with 40 minutes of full body High Intensity Interval Training and Roll with 20 minutes of Self-Myofascial Release. This class will bring your heart rate up and get you sweaty, but finish with a calm and relaxing foam roll, releasing tension and setting you up for the week to come! Please bring your own foam roller if you can!


Power Flow Yoga is a faster paced flow-style yoga focused on building strength and flexibility in the body through high impact yoga postures.


Zumba 101 takes the basic Zumba steps and breaks them down so they are easy to follow and learn. Come learn in an inclusive environment for all dance abilities!

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South Surrey Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training for Women

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